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Solving Schedule Madness!

As moms we wear many hats and juggle many jobs just to keep the ship sailing in the right direction. One of the hardest things to navigate is our famillies crazy schedule. So I came up with some ideas to help keep our schedule in check and eveyone at the right place at the right time.

1. Write it down in more than one place

We have a calandar on our fridge, everytime we get an invite, have an event, a class for the kids or a party to go to we write it down on the calandar. I then transfer the dates to my own personal notebook so I have the schedule with me at all times. Ww even take it one step further - we add it to our gmail calandar also.

2. Gmail Calandar

Kuddos to Gmail for making staying connected so easy. We have a family calander that we us on gmail. All of our family members have access to it (My husband, nana and the kids) we can see every event that is added by any one of us on the calandar. It automatically updates and populates on the Calandar ap on my phone. You can add members or (invite ) them to participate in your calandar via gmail. it expalins it pretty easy...very user friendly

3. Calandar AP

It's a great idea to have an AP on your phone and or Ipad. There are some pretty cool ones that work with your yahoo or gmail. The AP I use is Awesome Cal on my ipad, it allows me to color code and has "stickers" you can add as icons. But again I am a little old school and I tend to write everything on my personal cal just incase i loose my phone, or my calander.

4. one more thing.

if you are like me and enjoy knowing when your favorite team is going to play , the MLB, NFL, NBA etc.. allow you to upload the schedule to most calandars.

What's your can do way to keep your schedule organized with a busy family?

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