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I Wear Spanx

Dear Shapewear


I wear you all the time! I need you! Yes, like many others before me, I too squeeze my rear (sometimes my whole body) into a nude pair of your biker looking shorts, that when held up, look two sizes too small. I break out in to a sweat just getting you on! The struggle is real, especially on a hot summer day. But hey, you make that dress a little smoother, those pants fit a little better and that shirt lays a little nicer.

Frankly, I love you & I hate you! You're often uncomfortable, rolling up on my thigh, or creating a rolled up taco formation around my stomach. I spend half my night readjusting you and pulling you out of nooks and cranny's you just have no place being in. And, p.s., why do you make the "pee" hole so small? What about when I have to take you completely off, I am talking to you full body shapers. I still have nightmares of sitting butt naked in a public restroom...because that's not #Akward or anything!

Yes you are a hassle, yes you are expensive, and yes uncomfortable at times. But, what would I do without you? You have a purpose, you make me look thinner, younger, sexier and better right? I am invested and I rely on you to reform, suck and shape my body just like the girl on the magazine.

Look, I'm just a girl, a wife and a mother trying to do the best I can, conforming to the demands of life, the pressures of society and what is expected of a woman like me. Thank god for you my shape wear friend, you make me feel less guilty about the days I just don't make to the gym. Some times I get too busy, trying to squeeze time in between, taking the kids to school, making lunch, dinner and breakfast, cleaning the house, putting the laundry away, dropping the dog off at the vet, paying bills, helping with homework and oh ya, going to work (those are just a few things off the top of my head!) There are just some days that I choose the little time I have to spend it with what matters most to loving family. If doing the best I can means squeezing in my home workouts just a couple days a week instead of five, then I'm good with that and I'm good with those 10 extra pounds. I have you Spanx.

And maybe you are that girl that has it all together and can make time for all of the above and then some, without sacrificing the really important things in your life! More power to you! That's just not me. So I choose shapewear, I choose you spanx! And if you are that girl, lets be honest, I bet you use shapewear too!


The girl who is just trying to keep it real!

*Spanx is a trademarked company

*I am not being paid to endorse their product (even though I clearly like it very much!)

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